Olympics Opening Ceremony UFO, Even Aliens Like A Good Show….

The Olympic opening ceremony, the most viewed event of the year, with 2 billion people watching an extra participant joined in the ceremony. Visible in the top left of frame during the fireworks is a most unusual light hovering and pulsing, for all to see.

YouTuber MrScipher posted the original footage, taken of a TV replay on an LCD TV. Other first hand footage is now also starting to appear. The object has now been discovered within the SKY News, BBC News and Telegraph coverage.

Initial reports suggested the object was a blimp that had drifted into fireworks, the shadows and shape of the object however are completely wrong for it to be a blimp. Analysis of the footage by Stephen Hannard has also confirmed the object is not a blimp.

While many rumors have circulated lately suggesting that the UFO disclosure event would happen during the games, this is not that event.

By all accounts the opening ceremony was a resounding success, a spectacular, here at Highpants we know not of such things but the fireworks were great and the UFO was most impressive.

Buddha’s Brother out…