Pole Shift. Not just when strippers take a break…

Mother Natures B_tch Slap

Is a Pole Shift underway as we speak ? A geomagnetic reversal could have dire effects on our high tech lifestyles, temporarily knocking us back into the dark ages, time to get ready to be cave men again. If worst the case scenarios eventuates.

The British Geological Survey has reported as part of the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly and South Georgia Magnetic Observatory’ report that there may be some signs of the Earths magnetic pole shifting, a geomagnetic reversal.

The magnetic poles of the Earth are part of the magnetic field that surrounds the earth. This field is generated by the spinning core of the earth just like an electric motor and the poles are just the same as the poles on a bar magnet. While the earths North and South pole do wander around a bit, if you were to make timed observations of a compass you would see slight movements in where the compass points, a pole reversal refers to the switching of North and South magnetic poles, in effect the compass needle would swing 180 degrees. Once the poles have swapped place things continue on as normal, it makes surprisingly little difference which is actually north and south.

A geomagnetic reversal is much different to the Earth as a planet flipping over, during a geomagnetic reversal only the Earths magnetic field is effected, the physical location of the continents stays exactly the same.

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