Nobumichi Asai, Mind Blowing Videos Projected onto Everything…

Nobumichi Asai has been creating incredible projected experiences for many years. Perfecting the art of projected illusion Asai’s latest work will stun and amaze.

Presented for you viewing pleasure are Nobamichi Asai’s latest incredible light shows, one extremely large and one small. Sit back, relax and hit the play button to let the light show begin.

For his latest and smallest canvas Asai and his team employed Omote real time tracking and projection technology to allow amazing animations that seamlessly cover the models head. The model is free to move as Omote adjusts the projectors to compensate. The results are nothing short of stunning with the animations taking place on a surface we are all familiar with.

The Yokohama Odessey

The Yokohama Odyssey presents a journey through time to the audience, projecting the many lives of the dockyards. The dockyards current incarnation has seen them transformed into an impressive amphitheatre that’s perfect for 3D projection mapping. The once working docks are now an important cultural building in the Minato Mirai district of Yokahama.

Reference: Yokohama  Odessey