Nissan GT-R, the Alpha and Omega of Street Racers by AMS…

Performance machines often sacrifice many things in the name of speed; comfort is usually the first thing to go out the window. The AMS tuned Nissan GT-R Alpha is a different beast though, this is a daily driver with 2000 bhp. Able to set track records and then drive you home in comfort.

AMS has recently gone on a record setting rampage, taking their test bed Alpha Omega GT-R to the track for some high speed fun. The world’s fastest high volume performance car is also the world’s cheapest supercar, the supercar for the rest of us.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video equivalent to liquid speed, the black lightning bolt dishing out exhilaration one high speed run at a time. Included are three handpicked videos that demonstrate the incredible machine that is a tuned Nissan GTR. Sit back, relax and let the speed grins begin.

AMS Alpha GT-R
AMS Alpha GT-R

The fastest GT-R on the planet is tuned by AMS, a fairly stock looking black Godzilla that will blow the doors of almost any car on the road, street or drag. Whereas the recently released 2015 NISMO GT-R is mere window dressing with a light mechanical tuning the AMS is zero window dressing with all of their effort concentrated on mechanical tuning, performance enhancements.

NISMO’s announcement also included the pricing of their GT-R, at $155k there is a far better way to tune your GT-R, that’s where AMS comes in. The AMS Alpha 12 package (1400bhp) is currently available for $63,995, added to the 2015’s starting price of $101,770 you will spend a little more than a NISMO. You will however have the fastest and meanest GT-R available.

The greatest down side to extreme horsepower kits is of course turbo lag, with maximum boost occurring over 5000 RPM and a tendency to kick like a mule once the turbos spool up the Alpha GT-R can be a handful coming out of corners.

2014 Nissan GT-R
2014 Nissan GT-R

The Alpha Omega is the ultimate Alpha produced by AMS, not available to the public it is the test bed AMS use to develop their technology. Currently the Alpha 12/14 packages are the top of the line tuner kits; the latest developments engineered for the recent record breaking runs are being integrated into the Alpha 16 package. This kit will include strengthening axles, bigger carbon brakes along with drag strip suspension and tires. The re-engineered drive train is specifically built to handle the 2000bhp of the AMS 4 litre V6, a hand tuned and highly modified GT-R engine.

All of this fine tuning is a form of controlled insanity that lets the Alpha Omega achieve  a 7.894 second quarter mile time, the fastest GT-R ever record over the distance. How it got there is no less impressive; 0 – 60mph/100kph in 1.72 seconds, and topping out at 186 mph/300kph in 7.8 seconds. Times recorded over a mile are equally as insane with a 0 – 200 mph / 320kph time of 11.87 seconds and top speed of 237.5mph/382kph over the full mile.

Even after all of this tweaking and tuning the AMS Godzilla is still a street car, a daily driver that can perform the impossible. For all of those car reviewers that have called the stock GT-R too tame and predictable AMS has returned Godzilla’s attitude, putting the fire back in the Japanese dragon.

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