Nintendo’s Lawyers Strike Again, Ban’s Mario Kart Costumes from MariCar Tours of Tokyo…

For many years Mario Kart fans who visit Tokyo have been able to live their dream by taking a tour of Akihabara in go carts dressed as their favourite character from the game. Sadly, the hilarious and totally legal way of seeing the sights of Tokyo run by MariCar has lost the latest legal battle with Nintendo.

The legal victory by the mighty N stipulates that MariCar can no longer rent out unauthorised costumes of Nintendo characters and must pay Nintendo 10 million yen ($120,000 AUD) in compensation. Technically this does mean MariCar can still run its rental service. MariCar appear to have already reacted to the ruling by switching Mario Cart costumes for ‘Super Hero’ costumes, I wonder if you could bring your own Mario costume?

Nintendo has been attempting to completely shut down the service since 2016, arguing that the name MariCar was intended to be mistaken for or confused with Mario Kart. Technically they may have a point, the resemblance with the game is remarkable, in the funniest kind of way.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the tour company with a comic difference, the street legal view of Tokyo through Mario’s eyes. Sit back relax and remember to buckle up before hitting the streets dressed as your favourite video game character and please refrain from tossing banana peels and green turtles while driving.

Reference: MariCar