Nintendo 64 Classic Release Rumours, The Retro Gaming Wars Heat Up…

The battle to dominate gaming in front of our TV’s has raged since the birth of video games in the 80’s. With the release of the classic mini consoles reliving these gaming memories and catching up on classics that you might have missed has never been so much fun, or simpler. Many of the biggest names of the 80’s and early 90’s are present NES, SNES, Sega MegaDrive, Commodore 64 and the soon to be released PlayStation.

Now the wheels of the internet rumour mill have shifted into top gear powered by the rumour that Nintendo will release a miniature version of the N64 console. Fuelling these rumours are patent applications made by the big N in the EU and Japan. Patents that contain rather simple outlines of a controller that is an exact replica of the original N64 controller.

Business Insiders are leading the charge to speculate having dug through the patents in question. They even go so far as to speculate that a pre-Christmas release is a definite possibility. A very interesting possibility that could see the return of the PlayStation versus N64 console war of the 90’s re-igniting, albeit on a miniature scale.

While Nintendo haven’t made any official announcements yet here at Highpants we believe the release of the N64 is inevitable. The NES and SNES classics sold well and the opportunity to make money with another classic console while sticking it to Sony is just good business. The real question is will it be this year or next year? The answer to that question will only become clear in time. If Nintendo are going to release the new classic console this year expect an announcement in October.

Rumour Roundup

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