Ninja Cat Women, the Real Life Super Hero that Kicks Criminal Ass…

When villainous criminals work their wicked ways there is only one real life hero that will stand up for everyday people, one superhero sent to kick ass and impart justice  on those who have chosen the wrong path and he name is the Ninja Cat Women.

Comic book stories always start in such a way but sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. In January a video appeared on the web that demonstrated this very fact, a video that captures a trio of armature criminals attempting to intimidate a humble restaurant owner, an everyday business man just trying to make a living feeding people.

Luckily just when things seemed hopeless for the restaurant owner a hero appears, a well-dressed petite lady with some incredible martial arts skills that she is more than willing to use. Once the Ninja Cat Women lets her feet of fury fly the criminal hit the deck.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the real life video that proves comic books can come to life, as long as you have the skills. Let this be a warning to all the criminals of the world, you never can tell where a hero will come from. Sit back, relax and remember a life of crime never pays.