Nike’s House of Mamba LED Basketball Court, the Stunning LED Display under your Nikes…

Earlier this year Kobe Bryant visited China as part of Nike’s Rise campaign, the Chinese market calls. Bryant joined a team of up and coming Chinese athletes to unveil the world’s first interactive LED basketball court in Shanghai, unveiling Nike’s amazing House of Mamba.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is AKQA’s mind blowing video of the courts first demonstration along with a sneaky intermission video capturing the court in half time party mode. Sit back, relax and prepare to see the future of indoor sports stadiums.

Designed by AKQA the House of Mamba is far more than one spectacularly large display made from hundreds of LED display panels, it’s interactive too. Using motion tracking technology the court can help with training drills, teach proper technique and even help with fitness and then there’s the amazing light show.

The House of Mamba managed to blow fans socks off with the fast, bright and colourful display during the first demonstration which leaves only one question ‘why isn’t every pro basketball court like this?’.

Reference: Nike Rise