Nike+ SportsWatch, Just Plain Cool…

The Nike+ Sports Watch is by far the slickest pace of gadgetry yet from Nike. With a TomTom GPS inboard this watch will always know where you are, even if you don’t. Will this watch shake up the exercise world ?

While the watch is definitely a watch for people who play sports and generally get up and out, there are a myriad of other purposes for a GPS watch. If for example you suffer a lot of drunken black outs then with the Nike+ watch you could re-trace your steps the next day, still no guarantee of memories but you could retrace your steps.

As a sports watch it not only looks cool but performs all the functions with a slick and simple interface. The screen can be tapped to mark laps, along with side buttons for start / stop and functions. If required the watch will store you personal bests, lap history, heart rate monitor, calories burned, it even reminds you to run then couches you. Add a heart monitor band to the mix for full calorie burn calculations, heart rate trending, all of you personal monitoring needs in one spot.

With two Innovation awards at this year CES show – Consumer Electrics Show Las Vegas – and a TomTom GPS chip this watch has a high tech heart. The technology of this watch is very impressive and will find its way into other watches and gadgets.

Nike Sportwatch

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A lot simpler to use than the high end Forerunner 310XT, the Forerunner has more advanced functions but is also a lot more complex to use than the Nike’s simple user interface. Not to mention the forerunner looks like an alien bug. The RRP for the Sports watch is only $199 US – compared to 449 for the Forerunner – It does enough to be more than useful, looks good doing it and does it simply.

Not an everyday watch but a very cool go go gadget. Now if Nike can come up with some cool toys for people not into exercise we can all be happy. Where’s that remote.