Nexus Tips: Using a PS3 Controller with the Nexus 7 and the Hidden 4G Talents of the Nexus 4 Smartphone…

Google’s latest gadgets have been available for a short while now, enough time it seems for hidden treasure to be discovered. Recently it has was revealed that the Nexus 7 tablet is imbued with a special talent, it is able to use a PlayStation 3 controller for that tradition game play feel. A USB adapter is required to convert between mini and micro USB, along with the correct settings selected but that is all, console gaming on the go.

The latest Nexus 4 smartphone may have disappointed many with its lack of 4G connection but the truth is it may already be there. Nexus 4 owners on certain networks in Canada can go through an unlocking process that will enable the phone to operate on the 4G LTE band. As the video demonstrates the Nexus 4 is already able to operate on certain 4G networks, the speed is unknown however.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are the two Nexus Tips videos detailing Google’s electronic Easter eggs, surprises for the Google generation.

PS3 Controller + Nexus 7 Tablet = Awesome!!

Enable LTE on the Nexus 4!