A New XBMC Approaches, meet Kodi and the Free TV Add-On Revolution…

XBMC version 14 is fast approaching; Helix the development version has recently reached the second alpha and is available for download and testing. Once testing is complete Helix will be released as Kodi 14, hopefully in the next few months.

Yes you heard correctly, the release of version 14 will see a major re-branding, XBMC14 will become Kodi 14. A name that will resolve many trademark issues, like not being able to register XBMC because of the XBox reference in the name. The fact that XBMC is now far more than a media center also invalidates the MC part of the name.

highpants-kodi-003Kodi 14 will also introduce a number of new features including a new games manager and console emulator add-ons that will bring streaming and other gaming functions to the big screen. This is on top of the existing extensive function list; PVR/DVR, EPG, Add-On framework, metadata extraction and web scrapers that can collect the cover art, cast lists and other info for your content, extensive playback file support, library management tools and remote control integration.

No matter the name the real power of XBMC has always been the add-ons available to install. An add-on can be found for almost any task but the best add-ons all focus on providing free content; latest TV shows, new movies and every category of video you can imagine. All of this is probably illegal in today’s corporate driven world so we recommend you don’t try this at home, you should continue to pay exorbitant cable TV prices instead. But if you need to know read on.

The best video add-ons are downloaded from a number of major repositories and installed. Once configured these add-ons will make new channels available to the TV or Movie menus. For the add-ons mentioned below you will need to visit either SuperRepo.org, XUnityTalk.com, NaviX.

highpants-kodi-002The most popular add-ons include iStream which is the most popular XBMC channel for all of your content requirements. MashUp is another favourite that offers far more than content and is always up to date and reliable. SimplyMovies is fast and very reliable. The GiddyUp Network is for free TV, popular and classic. Veetle shows movies and TV. IWO ‘I Watch Online’ is massively popular for the latest TV shows and new movies. Z-Movies is for the very latest movies. iceFilms is one of the oldest HD movie channels and is still very popular. TubePlus is for latest aired TV shows. 1Channel shows the latest movies and TV all on one channel. PopCorn Flix is for new movies, you must bring your own popcorn, misleading name.

XMBC, soon to be Kodi, is still the number one way to drive that big screen display in your living room or bedroom. With a version available for almost every gadget that can connect to a TV there is no reason to still be in the dark, XBMC is the business.

Reference: XBMC.org