The New World’s Fastest RC Jet Blasts by at 744KPH…

Remote control cars and aircraft are the mainstay of many childhoods, a hobby that’s as popular now as it has ever been. Those of us who were lucky enough to enjoy those hobbies in adulthood get the chance to do incredible things, record setting things.

Pushing his piloting skills to the limits RC pilot Niels Herbrich has made a hobby of setting records. His last record  (439MPH / 706KPH) set in 2013 still stands. Unofficially Niels has returned to the green fields of Saxony-Anhalt each year to push his hyper jet to ever higher speeds. The pink wedge was sent skyward again this year and achieved the mind boggling speed of 462MPH / 744KPH. Keep in mind he is flying completely via line of sight, no head gear.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the 2016 744KPH run, a little jet that really does look like its flying at hyper speed. Also included for completeness is the ultra-fast pulse RC jet that features first person view footage, pilots eye. And rounding out the trifecta is the remote controlled SR-71, just because it’s too cool. So sit back relax and remember, these are professionals, you cannot achieve the same feat using fireworks, duct tape and some old balsa wood.