NASA’s Hubble Trident UFO Video, Klingons Off The Starboard Bow.

While it may not be the newest video on YouTube, it is it’s first appearance on Highpants. Once again NASA have supplied evidence of something most unusual travelling through the vastness of space.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope using it’s Wide Field Camera 3, has happened upon this sight most unusual. Captured by its lens is what appears to be a trident shaped craft trailing through streams of space dust. There appears to be a solid craft within, with an unusual but very angular shape. No matter what the object may  be it looks very science-fiction’y, straight out of an episode of Star Trek – Next Generation.

Study the video for yourself, asteroid debris or the coolest looking UFO seen in years.

The Hubble UFO Asteroid Mystery

While the photo is grainy, a result of the object is 90 million miles away, there is definitely an unusual shape with-in the debris field. The point of light present on one of the tips also gives the image an unnatural hi-tech look.

NASA explains the unusual structure as the result of 2 asteroids slamming into each other, leaving the x shaped debris field.

NASA Hubble Trident UFO, asteroid debris or Klingon scout craft, the evidence is evident, it’s 90 million miles to the nearest inter galactic highway turnoff to anywhere interesting.

Reference: NASA Hubble
Reference: Andy Bell