NASA’s Amazing New Time-lapse Video: Lightning And The Milkyway…

NASA has once again combined two of our favorite subjects here at Highpants, combined to create a stunning video of galactic proportions. Space and time-lapse are of course the two subjects of interest.

NASA has once again created an amazingly eye catching time-lapse video, this time showing the Milky Way rising over the horizon while thunderstorms and sprites are viewed exploding to life over Africa. The Earth passing by below.

Shot from the amazing vantage point that is the International Space Station the video has an almost dream like quality to it. For those amongst us that have dreamed of traveling in space -since being knee high to a grass hopper- the video takes us places we have only dreamed off. Tugging the heart strings for just a moment as it takes us back to the childhood that formed such dreams.

This isn’t the first Time-lapse created by NASA recently, let’s hope it’s not the last either. September 2011 saw NASA release the amazing Aurora Australis from Space time-lapse. This also had the same effect on everyone at Highpants, one of those oww ahhh moments we love so much. This earlier video went on to become one of the YouTube sleeper hits of 2011. All of the video’s start off life on NASA JPL Astronaut Photography, a site worth keeping an eye on as they are adding new video’s all the time.