NASA SDO, Four Years Staring Intently at the Sun…

Launched on February 11, 2010 the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) has spent the last four years staring intently at the sun. To celebrate the satellites’ faithful years of service NASA has released an incredible video that compiles the most exceptional images SDO has produced in the last year.

Like an extension to our collective senses SDO captures the fire breathing Sun living at the heart of our solar system Staring at the Sun has never been so much fun. Nor has it ever looked so damn cool.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the most incredible view of the Sun ever seen from the comfort of our blue planet. Sit back, relax and let in the interstellar show begin.

Solar Flare Reaching Out
Solar Flare Reaching Out

Thanks to a fleet of observant satellites including the incredible SDO we are slowly learning the true workings of our solar systems engine, filling in the blanks and along the way collecting images epic on a solar scale.

The quality of the footage captured by SDO is incredible, only matched by the sheer amount of digital data this satellite is sending back to Earth, over a terabyte of data each and every day.

Like an extension to our collective human senses SDO has provided mankind with a fascinating window into our solar systems furnace. The wonder that is our Sun is now there for all to see.

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Source: NASA SDO




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