Mystery in the Sky, is a New Stealth Aircraft in Testing?

Speculation is running rife around the internet; the world wants to know what is flying in the skies over Texas and Kansas. The mystery began in Texas where eagle eyed photographers captured images of an unknown aircraft flying high in the atmosphere. This week the mystery deepened with images of another mystery triangular aircraft flying over Kansas.


The American military complex has a long history of being able to successfully develop next generation aircraft in secrecy. During the development of the SR-71 Blackbird in the early 60’s over 3,000 companies built parts for the aircraft without even knowing what they were for. At the time it is speculated that the SR-71 was responsible for at least 50% of all mystery aircraft sightings.

The initial sighting of this new mystery aircraft occurred March 10 in Amarillo Texas. Two images were captured by Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett.

According to the witnesses the triangular shaped aircraft was accompanied by two other aircraft. A fact that has many speculating this aircraft was manned, the thinking being that the risk to the piloted craft would be too great in this circumstance. This speculation is quickly shot down by the fact that the X-47B unmanned stealth aircraft has already carried out mid-air refueling successfully.

The sightings continued this week with when the world was given another glimpse of the next generation of military aircraft, this time above Kansas. Jeff Templin captured the image using a 400mm zoom lens at maximum zoom and then the original was cropped and zoomed to enhance the aircraft. This time the mystery aircraft was on a solo mission.


All of the sightings included similar descriptions by the witnesses; the aircraft appeared to be at a high altitude, at least as high as commercial aircraft, 35,000 and above. All of the sighted craft appeared to be sub-sonic and not in any great rush to get out of sight. Vapour trails are also present in all of the images, suggesting standard jet engines are in use.

Many aviation commentators are claiming that this may the SR-72; this is unlikely though as the SR-72 will fly at the edge of space at hypersonic speeds, not low and slow as the mystery craft does. Others are suggesting this is a new variant of the B-2 but the angles of the crafts wings don’t match.

The most likely candidates are the latest generation stealth Unmanned Ariel Vehicle; the RQ-180, X-47B or the Taranis by BAE. All three are triangular shaped sub-sonic stealth UAV aircraft with very similar profiles. The Taranis being a British aircraft is the least likely of the three, especially since it is being tested in Australia at the Wommera test range.

Of course only time will tell the true nature of the mystery aircraft. Is the next generation UAV about to enter service?

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Kansas sighting


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