Multiple Meteor Impacts in Iran.

A major meteor impact event has occurred in Iran (July 31) with reports starting to trickle in that suggest at least one of the impact events has caused major damage in Avaj, in the province of Qazvin northern Iran. Other reports are stating that multiple pieces of the meteor have hit Estehard, Alborz Province, Arsalan Qasemi but no damage has been reported.

Mainstream media seem to be ignoring this story for some reason, a story given even more impact by the fact that in the last couple of days meteors have also been seen in the skies of Australia, North Carolina, and Brazil but thankfully no impacts have been reported in these instances.

Reference: Trend

July can be a busy time of year for comets, meteors and such with Delta Aquarids meteor shower hitting at the end of July as well as the Perseid meteor shower which is due shortly, August 11 and 12 will be the peak.

As if it wasn’t hot enough in Iran already, politically and literally with the temperature in some parts has passed 50 degrees Celsius but now they also have fireballs coming at them.