Monster Madness Online, Killer Browser Gaming Arrives…

Mozilla, the seminal web technology company continues to advance its efforts to bring advanced 3D games to a browser near you.

Mozilla’s technology has been put to very good use by Trendy Entertainment who have now unveiled Monster Madness Online; the first full game based on HTML5 and asm.js. All put together just right to produce a 3D zombie shooter that runs entirely within your browser on almost every device available. No installation hassles or compatibility issues.

Have zombies eaten your neighbours, again? Are monsters wrecking havoc on your little slice of heaven? If so join a Monster Madness squad for some zombie blasting action. Set for release in May 2014 the alpha test release is available now for all to enjoy, for free (click here).

Developed by Trendy Entertainment Monster Madness Online combines massive multi-player online(MMO) gaming action with RPG strategy game-play, producing a nicely balanced fast paced multi-player blaster.

In game on the PC.
In game on the PC.

The free to play game sees the player control one of four teenagers living in Suburbia City. A town overrun by invading Martians intent on your conquest. Players can join in on 16 player PVP action or play co-op missions teaming up to vanquish the zombie hordes.

After playing Monster Madness Online for a short while it has to be said I was impressed, this is not only an incredible browser game its a great game full stop. AAA quality without the hassle, as easy as it gets gaming. The graphics are lush and smooth, audio keeps pace with the action nicely if not a little spotty on the intro screens.

The controls are classic first person shooter (FPS) with a combination of keyboard and mouse by default. It is touch screen compatible as well. Testing on multiple devices showed how incredible Mozilla’s technology is, running on an Android smartphone, Surface Pro 2 and Windows 8 laptop without touch screen.  On the touch screen devices the mouse’s direction controls are done using touch.


Going back to the action seems fast, local storage that is used by the game must stay in place, till you clear your caches next at least. Opening the game for the first time can take a minute or two depending on your internet speed, but returning to the game takes only 10-15 seconds to get to the start screen. The same happens when starting to play the game. Once cached the level load times are as little as a few seconds. Impressive for a a game that doesn’t require installation.

Game loading screen...
Game loading screen…

The cross platform abilities of HTML5 and asm.js can’t be underplayed; Monster Madness uses the same source code across all platforms, really they only differ on delivery technique. In Monster Madness’s case simply pointing a PC copy of Mozilla or Chrome at the games web address and it will start the game, while on Android it is accessed via Google Play.

The Mozilla technology allows the same code to run on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Windows 8 Phone and iOS. The only platforms missing are the consoles, which won’t be left out.

Mozilla and a few gutsy game developers are pushing hard on the boundaries of web gaming, for both players and developers. This new technology will allow small and large companies to produce high quality cross platform games far more easily. It’s still not easy by any stretch of your imagination but at least this removes the decision forced on many young developers, which platform to choose.

Has Mozilla finally busted the cross-platform dilemma? Or will zombies take over Suburbia? Two questions both answered by visiting Monster Madness Online for yourself.

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