The Moment of Truth, the Surveillance State Exposed…

Kim Dotcom and New Zealand’s Internet Party have gathered many of the greatest modern protagonists of freedom, assembled in Auckland’s Town Hall to discuss our quickly disappearing freedoms.

The Moment of Truth presents Glen Greenwald, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bob Amsterdam and Kim Dotcom (many through live feeds) gathered together to discuss the truth about governments around the world, including New Zealand’s. Revealing revelations regarding the highest impact topics of our times; mass state surveillance, freedom and privacy.

 The static intro screen lasts approximately 22 minutes so skip to 22 minutes in to get straight to it. Snowden and Assange join at the hour mark.

New Zealand may be a far away land for much of the world but it is a very interesting microcosm, and don’t be fooled these same changes are occurring around the world.

Presented for your viewing pleasure, hot off the internet presses is the must watch video if you enjoy freedom. The video that also raises the question of why unrelated governments around the world are all posing the same threat to the citizens they are supposed to represent? Where is this plan coming coming from?

Reference: KimDotcom