MIT’s inForm, the Coolest Fairly Pointless Interface Yet…

MIT’s creative minds have been undertaking many experiments into the tangible tactile nature of interface design. The inForm is the latest machine by MIT’s Tangible Media Group that tests new interface concepts and modes of interaction. Combining motion capture, augmented reality with interactive machines to produce possibly the coolest new interactive interface, it is fairly pointless but a whole lot of fun.

The inForm interactive surface consists of thousands of actuators that move square plastic pegs from being flush with the surface to being raised. Changing the shape and structure of the surface according to the operators gestures. This is of course a simplified description of this incredible machine that doesn’t do justice to seeing it in action.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the triptronic inForm demonstration video, and no we aren’t sure what they are huffing at MIT these days, it must be good stuff. Sit back, relax and smoke em if you hot em.

Interfaces designs will of course continue to be based on human machine interactions; that point of contact will continue to be dominated by our physical nature. It will stay that way too until the direct brain interface is widely used.