Mimo Magic Touch Deluxe…

As our online lives spread, growing wider with each click, desktop real-estate is at a premium. Helping to alleviate this growing problem are the new crop of USB LCD displays. Mimo, a leader in the field have recently updated their top of the line USB displays with the introduction of two new mini monitors the Mimo Magic Touch and Magic Touch Deluxe. Adding Capacitive Touch Screen to the Mimo’s range of incredibly handy displays.

Mimo’s Magic doesn’t just stop at touch screen, being extremely low power the Magic is able to run off USB power only, allowing a single cable to connect the Magic to it’s host computer. The perfect netbook companion or place to offload all of those social media windows, conversations or real time displays while still keeping an eye on them.

The Magic’s 10″ LCD Panel adds an extra 1024 x 600 pixels – resolution – to your expanding desktop. Magic’s sleek black shell is less than an inch thick and weighs less than a pound – 2.5cm / 450grams -, when separated from it’s base the Magic resembles a tablet, not an accidental design. With 200cd/m2 brightness and 300:1 contrast ratio the Magic matches up well to any desktop monitor. The only sacrifice made by Mimo was the number of LED’s used in the back-light, key to the low power nature of the Magic. This only effects the brightness of the display, 250-300cd/m2 being the standard range for desktop LCD monitors. Which is to say this little Mimo monitor sips the power while still looking good, offering sharp graphics and clear images for video.

The perfect utility monitor. Like a magicians top hat there is more to this monitor than meets the eye. The base of the Deluxe includes a dual USB device hub, allowing any device connected to the base to appear on the host computer, USB pass through. With the AC power pack connected to the mains the Magic’s dual USB Hub becomes powered and can power or recharge connected devices.

The Touch screen functions of the Magic are provided by the capacitive touch screen circuitry. Capable of responsive 4 finger touch allowing for multi-finger gestures, as well as the classic single finger touch. Another trick up the Magic Touch’s sleeve is the ability to separate from it’s base while still connected via USB, converting the Magic into a touch screen controller for any Windows 7 computer.

Two models are already available, the Mimo Magic Touch for $299 and the Mimo Magic Touch Deluxe for $329 USD. Full driver support is limited to Windows 7 at the moment, all other operating systems the Magic supports USB display mode only. The basic model only includes the basic display stand / dock while the Deluxe includes a dock with extra USB and AC power, both support a single USB for power and picture if required. If your running short of powered USB to charge gadgets then the Deluxe is the one to go for, otherwise the basic Magic Touch is better value. Handy as hell, compact and stylish the Mimo Magic Touch and the Deluxe bring that little bit extra to our desktop lives.



  • Touch: Multi-touch capacitive, 4 point
  • OS: Fully compatible with Windows 7, display-only mode compatible with Win XP/Vista/2000 and Mac OS
  • Size: 10.1″ screen
  • Resolution: 1024×600
  • Brightness: 200cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio: 300:1
  • Response time: 16ms
  • Dimensions: 10.4 inches – 264.2mm – wide x 8.3 inches – 211.92mm – tall x 5.8 inches – 147.5mm – deep, including Base Dock
  • USB cable included
  • dock/base also serves as a USB hub w/two convenience USB ports
  • optional AC adapter for additional power supply – if needed – for your additional USB devices

source: mimo