Military Escort UFO Video’s, a Curious New UFO Phenomenon…

Throughout the history of the UFO phenomenon there has been military involvement described by every witness, whether it is as security or transport the military’s involvement seems to be a common theme. Since the days of Roswell it seems the military has played a central role in every UFO report.

In recent years a new role for the military has been witnessed by the public, and captured in a number of incredibly compelling videos. Three short videos have been selected, videos that may have you questioning the,military’s true role in a story that is stranger than anyone has imagined.

Included for your viewing pleasure are three of the best examples of this new genre of UFO video. All three videos clearly show military air craft escorting highly unusual craft, craft that don’t appear to be man-made.


Individually each of these videos has created a minor buzz around web; collectively they begin to form an interesting new phenomenon. Until recently years the consensus surrounding captured UFO’s and alien technology suggested that the technology was at best partially functional. Have things now changed? Do these three videos demonstrate fully functional UFO’s being flown by the military?

The most recent video to create a buzz around the web (August 2013) appears to show a triangular shaped UFO escorted by two air refuelers, possibly Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker’s. The chances are that this craft is in fact the pilotless stealth aircraft Mantaray the fighter drone built by BAE in the UK. The only craft of this shape that would require a regular refuel.

The second video was captured several months ago (Feb 2013), a very short but spectacular clip that shows two military helicopters escorting a disc shaped UFO.  The UFO in this video is a flat disk shaped craft of unknown origins escorted by a Blackhawk and Chinook, the three craft fly in perfect formation.

paranoid-android-ufo-military-escortAugust 2011 saw the release of a video that raised many questions about the military’s role in the UFO phenomenon. Again this is a very short video that captures two military jets escorting a UFO. Flying at very low altitude the 3 craft fly in formation to an unknown destination. Captured in Italy near the Aviano US Army Base, near Pordenone North Eastern Italy.

Military escorts are undertaken for many reasons, whether a B1B Bomber or UFO. Most of the time the escort is there for security, protecting the lead aircraft from the unwanted attention of enemy fighters, Safety is often a concern, X-Craft developed by the Skunkworks always flew during testing with an escort, just in case.  Aircraft suspected of being hijacked by terrorists are also escorted in using fighter jets.

Here at Highpants our favourite theory, and possibly the most outlandish, is that the last two videos show freshly captured UFO’s being escorted to a military base for confinement. Imprisoned during an already well underway war escalating in the heavens above. Is there a war occurring in Earths immediate vicinity, a high tech war being kept secret by the governments of the world?  Or are these videos confirmation that various governments around the world are in possession of UFO technology, working UFO technology?

Three interesting video’s for your consideration, as always watch the videos and you decide?

Buddhas Brother out…