Microsoft’s Hyperlapse, the Super Smooth Timelapse…

Microsoft is working to make the world a more exciting place with its Hyperlapse software. Still deep in development the early result seems to prove that Hyperlapse can make any holiday video interesting.

Everyone knows that timelapse is awesome but unfortunately the source video must be extremely stable otherwise the shake is amplified making it unwatchable. Stabilizing in post production has till now enjoyed only limited success but now Microsoft is attempting to do it better.

Much like Google’s Project Tango Hyperlapse analyses your video and creates a 3D map of the world being traveled through. The path in the scene is then established and used to reduce the shake. The 3D map then gets reused to recreate every frame of the original using 3D rendering techniques, with textures taken from the video itself. This is the cause of the textures popping in and out in the video. Your holiday video is now very similar to the backdrop in a video game.

highpants-hyperlapse-screenshotEven these early results are highly impressive, with super smooth motion and timelapse like quality Hyperlapse seems too able to make any POV video far more watchable, and possibly even interesting. The only downsides at the moment are processing time (an hour to process a few minutes of video) and texture tearing and popping.

The team developing Hyperlapse are working hard to get the algorithms finalized and wrapped up into an application but no release date has been penciled in yet. Stay tuned.

Reference: Hyperlapse