The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter…

In this digital age getting your content to your big screen TV can be far more difficult than it should be. Juggling HDMI cables or using devices such as Chromecast still have serious limitations, tablets often lack HDMI and even if they do who wants to use a tablet with a cable running across the room. Chromecast and the dozens of knock offs are an improvement but out of the box they are limited to the apps that they work with. Chromecast can of course be hacked to work around it’s limitations but this can have you jumping through hoops to get it working and keep it that way.

This is where the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter comes in, connect the adapter to a HDMI and USB port on your TV and the Miracast software will allow any Windows 8.1 or Android 4.2.1 device compatible gadget (no iOS or Windows RT) to connect and mirror your desktop or stream movies onto your TV. Presentations can come to life, share photos and home movies instantly or send Netflix to the big screen for the kids while your continue to work away.

Microsoft’s display gadget is priced at $59.95 and is available for pre-order now with shipments beginning in October. Bringing together the old world of TV and a new world of gadgets is now a far simple exercise thanks to the little Wireless Display adapter.

Reference: Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter