Microsoft Windows 9 Videos Immerge, Is Microsoft on the Threshold of Cool?…

German website WinFuture has scored the scoop of the week with the release of a series of videos that capture Windows 9 Threshold in action. Looking at the videos you may even get the impression that Microsoft has finally got the hang of the living tiles and has turned them into something pretty cool.

The changes within Windows 9 begin with the return of the classic Start Menu, replacing the butchered start of Windows 8.1. The current user’s avatar and name appear at the top of the menu with the log-off and restart options accessed in the same space.

Windowed Metro App
Windowed Metro App

To the right are the Start Menu Live Tiles, these can be arranged and different apps pinned as Live Tiles, the size of the tile can even be changed. The layout of your Start Menu live tiles can also be set to replace the layout of the original tiles screen.

Continuing the Metro integration Threshold can run Tile applications in a window on the desktop. Tiled apps now have the traditional min/max close buttons located where they should be at the top right of the screen / window.

Search and virtual desktop icons now appear on the task menu in the video. Search is standard enough but Virtual Desktops now that will get people’s attention. Rumor has it Threshold Virtual Desktops will allow users to maintain multiple desktops each with their own layouts and settings.

These are just the visible changes, behind the scenes Windows is receiving some long awaited technology upgrades. Mind you the following is pure speculation until the release of Windows 9 sometime around April 2015. Rumored technology upgrades include Cross Platform apps and dev tools, Cortana voice activated assistant and a fully fledged notification center.

Microsoft is pushing hard to correct the error of its ways, hoping that Windows 9 Threshold will bring the lovers of the traditional desktop and the haters of Windows 8 back to the fold. How successful this strategy will be only time can tell but here at Highpants we think its looking good.

Reference: WinFuture