The MH17 Mystery: Witness Identifies Ukrainian Jets and Passes Lie Detector Test…

2014 will go down as a very tough year for Malaysian Airlines, a year that left them appearing to be the unluckiest airline in the world. With many people’s lives taken by the accidents that befell the airline our hearts must go out to the families of those lost, a situation made even more painful by the almost complete lack of explanation for the twin tragedies.

The MH17 disaster is one such tragedy that still remains largely unexplained with neither side (East or West) being able to conclusively prove their theory. The US government has pointed the finger at Pro-Russian separatists but the BUK missile explanation hasn’t satisfied most people. A BUK missile is a top down firing missile while the shrapnel markings on the fuselage are from every direction.

With opposing theories from East and West its hard to tell were the truth lies, a situation that naturally sprouts theories to fill the void. A situation forcing the families of those lost to suffer more torment at the hands of the questions Why and How?

The leading alternative theory as proposed by Russia and presented by RT points the finger at a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet downing the MH17. Keep in mind that RT channel is Russia’s media face presented to the world so there is possibly a certain amount of natural bias that may creep in but with that in mind RT also seem to have gathered some very interesting evidence in trying to answer the question of who shot down MH17 and why.

The latest evidence to be presented by RT recounts a  Ukrainian military witness to the events of the day. The witness suggests it was in fact a Ukrainian military aircraft that shot down the commercial airliner. It just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the tensions running high in the area during that time it seems the Ukrainian military were in shot down and ask questions later mode. RT is also reporting that the witness has passed a lie detector test at least indicating that he believes what he witnessed.

Still there are many aviation experts that claim the SU-25 shoot down is highly unlikely and the finger pointing continues. Both sides are building evidence files to prove their own hypothesis, both with evidence for each theory. Which is true is very hard to say at this point if you start from a neutral standpoint.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the evidence presented by RT, the Russian version of events perhaps but a very interesting piece of evidence none the less. As always question everything, believe nothing and do your own research before making up your mind.

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