The Daimler Future Truck 2025, Auto-Pilot comes to Trucking…

Google’s self driving cars may have captured the worlds attention but self driving trucks may have an even greater impact on us all, more efficient and cheaper delivery of our online shopping sprees may just be the beginning.

Daimler AG has recently released a preview of their vision of the truck in 2025. Demonstrating the new self driving truck at the 65th International Motor Show for commercial vehicles in Hanover, Germany the highly efficient long haul transporter is actually ready to hit the roads today. In fact the technological powerhouse could go into service right now if it were legal. It seems that governments around the world are playing catch up with the technology, new laws that allow the technology to hit the road are still working its way through legislative systems. Arizona and Nevada are currently the only places that allow use of such vehicles.

Daimler hasn’t just spent its time perfecting the autopilot either, the Future Truck also features very cool LED lighting spread across the entire front of the truck that replaces traditional headlights and reducing glare. Also the aerodynamics have been tweaked to deliver fuel use improvements of between 5 and 10%.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the Daimler AG interpretation of the not too distant future, a future of self-driving trucks circling the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, stopping only to load and unload. Sit back, relax and prepare for a brief glimpse into a pretty cool looking future.

Reference: Daimler AG
Reference: BBC