Men In Black Encounter Shakes Up Hotel Staff, Alien MIB Impersonators or Halloween Prank?!!

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada, one of the many great tourist destinations of Canada, a picturesque bay surrounded by lush wilderness. Recently Niagara Falls has been far more than just a destination for those inclined to spend time in the great outdoors, and tourists. It is has become a hotspot of UFO and MIB – Men In Black– activity.

The most recent MIB incident took place in Niagara Falls Hotel. Having reported seeing a UFO on the Niagara Falls skyline, the Hotel manager and a security guard subsequently reported a very unusual MIB encounter. Most unusual for any MIB encounter, the two agents were captured by the Hotels security cameras. Seen entering and later departing from the Hotel the two well dressed gentleman left a lasting impression on Hotel staff.

The video (via Aerial Phenomenon Investigations) presents a very interesting case for possibly capturing the highly unusual existing in plain sight.

Men In Black API Case 12-001-CE1 – Longer Version

Just in case being MIB isn’t strange enough, the two gentleman on the video may be aliens impersonating MIB. The physical description of the two would suggest they are Pleiades aliens who are covertly using the MIB as a disguise, fake MIB aliens. That or they are a Halloween prank.

Described by the hotel staff as two extremely odd looking men, the exact same height, the exact same cloths, exact same faces. Wearing black suits, black trench coat, old fashioned fedora hats and with extremely pale skin.

After the visit, the tour desk staffer reported the two gentlemen had approached them and asked a number of questions, after which they rambled about governments and conspiracy, then abruptly departed. They had no eye brows, no eye lashes, their hair appeared to be a wig attached to their hats. Initially describing the men as extremely odd. With enormous hypnotic blue eyes, that never blinked, the encounter left her shaken.

MIB encounters are most often reported following a UFO encounters, especially if the incident has made it to the media. Typically MIB witnesses report short solid built, well dressed gentlemen in suits, with dark tans and sun glasses. Always exceedingly well informed and well credentialed, MIB always present identification. They are also generally reported to be collecting information about an incident or suppressing information about an incident.

The Niagara Falls encounter varies widely from a typical MIB encounter. The pale skin, no sun glasses and confusing statements from the two men. It is very rare that any MIB witnesses report seeing their eyes, the few cases that have indicate black eyes.

The encounter was initially reported to have happened shortly after the hotel manager and a security guard reported seeing a triangular UFO. Subsequent interviews cast doubt on the timing of the two incidents, and the connection. Hotel staff have subsequently put the incident down to a Halloween prank. An explanation that may not appear to explain the odd encounters and response by the staffers at the time.

The descriptions of the two men by the hotel staff points to Pleiades Norse Aliens trying to pass themselves off as MIB or a Halloween Prank. Will the real MIB be looking for these two, we’re pretty sure they aren’t fans of impersonators. Especially the distinct lack of catchy one-liners and witty remarks.

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