Mehdi Sadaghdar and the Hilarious Dangers of Electricty…

Electricity, the life blood of our modern world also happens to be extremely dangerous to those that use it, take our engineer friend Mehdi Sadaghdar for example,  a man that knows the Dangers of Electricity only too well.

This lone engineer has sought to teach us of these very dangers, to protect us from this demon that is AC or DC. In the process Mehdi Sadaghdar has created one of the most hilarious series of clips for our enjoyment, edutainment at its best.

Presented for you viewing pleasure are 2 side splittingly funny videos by our favourite crazy scientist Mehdi the mad man. Sit back, relax and bit that play button, then prepare to be amazed, exhilarated and finally amused beyond belief.

While this endangered engineer aims to educate he manages to do far more, with his mono brow dancing as waves of grimacing pain wash over his face the laughter shall begin. This is a classic formula, be prepared to laugh hard at anothers pain.

Mehdi has slowly become a YouTube star by accidentally subjecting himself to all of the funniest forms of electrical pain. Setting out to educate and inform things always seem to go awry for Mehdi, there is no doubting he knows his stuff but his execution is where the hilarity begins. was the original home for Medhi’s electrically powered shenanigans, gaining popularity over the years as Mehdi perfected his accidental genius style.  He has now branched out to cover the social media world. Keep an eye out, bookmark, subscribe or follow, Mehdi constantly has new material bubbling to the surface.

Proving that many of life’s funniest moments begin with ‘don’t try this at home’, whilst also proving just how true it is.

Reference: Medhi Sadaghdar ElectroBoom
Reference: Medhi’s YouTube Channel