MegaBot Team USA Kickstarter, Time to Contribute to the Destruction.

Mega sized human controlled robots have been the dream of science fiction since we began dreaming of a fantastic Utopian future. With two MegaBots now in existence it is only natural that their metal would be tested in the battle arena. Team USA threw out the challenge back in June and Suidobashi Heavy Industries of Japan accepted then upped the ante, lets go hand to hand for some melee combat mega sized.

With only a year until MegaBots go to war Team USA have decided they need to upgrade their Mark II MegaBot and they are asking for our help. Follow the link below to become a part of the Team, buy a T-Shirt or visit the MegaBot, just get involved.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the call to MegaBot arms for Team USA. Jump on-board and get involved, unless of course your on Team Japans side in which case you will need to get with the Suidobashi Program.

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