MegaBot Rumble, Challenge Accepted in the Robot Battle of the Century…

The world isn’t large enough for two mega robots, so it’s only natural that soon after  MegaBot II was demonstrated the challenge would be thrown down, and thrown down it was. Young upstarts MegaBot Inc issued the challenge last week, Suidobashi Heavy Industry subsequently replied with a request for melee combat and now it’s time for 2 mega robots to go to war. In one year’s time on a battle field still to be decided the two largest working manned robots will compete for Mega Robot dominance.

Highpants-megabot-kuratas-001In the Red corner is Japan’s Kuratas, at 12 foot tall and weighing in at 9,000 pound the giant armed robot will be no easy beat. Operated by a single pilot while riding on 4 legs with wheels as feet Kuratas is nimble and heavily armed. An arsenal that includes a giant 6000 round a minute BB firing Gatling gun, a handgun and the Iron Crow hand that is capable of grabbing and crushing anything within reach.

In the Blue corner is America’s MegaBot II, at 15 foot tall and weighing in at 7000 pound this paintball firing behemoth packs a punch. Running on two tracks and requiring two pilots the MegaBot has been designed for paintball combat from the outset. A combat specialist built to take hits and keep rolling.

While human sized autonomous robots are advancing at an incredible pace human piloted robots had until now stubbornly remained the subject of science-fiction. Representing a blending of man and machine the mega robots are closer to fighter aircraft than a traditional robot assistant. Kuratas and MegaBot II are the first real working interpretations of the sci-fi dream and have proven when you dream big incredible things can happen. Now all that is needed is a time, a place and a set of rules.

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Highpants-megabot-ii-001MegaBot II