Meet the World’s youngest Evil Genius Styropyro, and his Death Ray Bot….

The robot apocalypse moved one step closer recently when a young mad scientist named Styropyro created the Death Ray Bot. As death ray robots go this apprentice evil overlord has produced an extremely impressive soldier to do his bidding.

Its alien like six legged form can intimidate while stationary, children will jump when it moves, and adults will run when it points the red targeting laser in their direction. With electricity coursing through its copper veins, motors drive gears to produce motion and an unholy mechanical racket. Is this the future of warfare or just the coolest use of lasers ever?

Presented for your viewing pleasure is Styropyro’s mad mechanical video of robotic destruction, the death ray bot doing what it does best. Sit back, relax and hit that play button, the future is marching towards us and its armed with lasers.

DARPA and Google are well known for their intentions to build robot armies for themselves, young Styropyro seems to have beaten them to the punch. At the same time proving that everything is better with lasers.

We all know that every evil overlord needs an army of killer robots, not being a billionaire super-villain Styropyro chose to use off the shelf parts, saving time and allowing him to concentrate on the lasers. A Combat Creatures Stryder robot was used as the basis of the death ray bot. The normal weapons platform was changed out, replacing plastic firing toy weapons with a 2W blue laser and a targeting red laser.

The result is a frightening and extremely effective Death Ray Bot, controlled with a simple console like game pad that has a 200 meter range. Will this be the next unmanned weapon on the battlefield?

Styropyro’s real name is Drake Anthony and he is obsessed with lasers, an obsession that began at the age of 12 and has continued to this day. Now aged 20 and studying chemistry at the University of Southern Illinois, Drake understands better than most that everything is better with lasers.

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