The McLaren P1 LM breaks the Goodwood FOS Record and Other Highlights.

The annual Goodwood FOS (Festival of Speed) pits its contestants against a grueling hill climb course. A course that forces them to battle both time and gravity, precision being the only answer.

All manner of cars are given the opportunity to be tested on the hill, this years highlights include but are by no means limited to, the 1500BHP Bugatti Chiron, the Aston Martin Vulcan, the latest Red Bull Ford Fiesta ST rally car and of course the beautiful McLaren P1 LM.

With Kenny Brack behind the wheel the P1 reset the record for street legal cars, lowering it just a little further to 47.7 seconds. Watching the video you quickly get the impression that at no point is the 990 brake horse-power P1 going slow, the footage almost looks like it’s stuck in fast forward, it isn’t, this thing is just fast.

The fastest ever official time at Goodwood belongs to Nick Heidfeld who scrambled up the hill in 41.6 seconds during the 1999 FOS (McLaren F1).  Unofficially Heikki Kovalainen did the run in 40 seconds back in 2006 (Renault R25 F1) but who’s counting.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are record breaking highlights from this year’s Goodwood FOS. Sit back relax and prepare to start leaning into corners sympathetically.

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