Max Headroom Gets Older and Funnier…

Seminal 80’s TV series Max Headroom was a ground breaking science fiction show that is steadfastly embedded in many people’s memories, those old enough to remember it in any case. The series featured Matt Frewer portraying Edison Carter, a reporter struggling to fight against the mega corporations of a not too distant dystopian future. Some may even say that it wasn’t that far off the mark as it turns out. After putting up the good fight against his corporate masters Frewer’s character is left near death thanks to a car accident, at this point men in white lab coats decide to let him live on as an AI, Max Headroom. A name attributed to his final memory as a man, a Maximum Headroom 2.6 meters sign.

As an artificial intelligence he was so damn hilarious that many spin off shows were spawned. He was one of the first veejays for a music video show, a show that was an immediate cult hit. Max then went on to become the spokesman for New-Coke (enough said) and he has appeared in video clips for the Art of Noise as well as Eminem. Most recently a decidedly older Max was featured in the campaign to let UK households know about the digital switch over in 2007, 20 years into the future.

His likeness was even used by an unidentified airwaves hijacker who took over the airwaves of Chicago in the now infamous Max Headroom broadcast signal intrusion in 1987.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are some of the best bits of Max Headroom that still live on thanks to YouTube’s massive catalogue of videos. For those that miss the 80’s here is a small satirical look back at the past and the potential present of an older Max Headroom. So sit back, relax with Max, and let the nostalgic memories comfort you like a warm hilarious blanket.