The Mars Levitating Speaker, Making Waves While Floating on Air…

Making waves in the tech world during the throng of CES, sound waves especially, is no easy feat but the Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker seems to be doing just that. Raising its voice and levitating above the myriad of new gadgets Mars is capturing attention through incredible amounts of cool, Bluetooth speakers are now a dime a dozen after all.

Mind you the Mars speaker isn’t simply using levitation just because levitation makes everything cooler, no; instead it has been put to use taking away any directionality of the speaker. A design intended to seamlessly produce 360-degree sound giving everyone around the room clear audio.

Highpants-Crazybaby-Mars-Speaker-003The tech underneath the Mars speaker doesn’t stop at levitation either, tucked away in the base is a subwoofer providing that extra bass kick. The internal battery gives the speaker an 8 hour boom time before a recharge or plug in is required and a second USB port can even be used to charge your smartphone from the internal battery. With the Mars app installed that same smartphone can then control all of the features of the speaker. Conference calls are covered as well using the integrated microphone.

Crazybaby are now only 23 days away from being capitalized via crowd funding site Indiegogo. Demonstrating just how popular the Mars speaker is crazybaby has managed to achieve contributions nearly 5 times higher than their goal of $100,000. The first batch of speakers should be delivered in April 2015 and once it hits the street it will sell for $189 USD, but you can expect this price to rise to around $250 USD if it’s popular.

With more geek chic than a bag full of boxed Star Wars figures Mars has captured the world’s attention through sheer creativity and clever design. As long as the final product can live up to the audio quality promises they may just have a hit on their hands.

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