Man versus Machine, Timo Boll versus the Table Tennis Robot…

The coming robotic apocalypse is due to move one step closer on March 11, 2014. The date of the man versus machine battle scheduled to be fought out on the battlefield of the table tennis arena.

German industrial robot manufacturer Kuka Robotics has an unusual way to celebrate the opening of their shiny new robotics manufacturing facility in Shanghai. Challenge the human race to game of table tennis. Did I read somewhere that’s how the last war started? Probably not!

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the preview video for the man versus machine showdown. Sit back, relax and be sure to stretch out those hamstrings.

Kuka will be bringing their most advanced product, Agilus the industrial robot and it will need its full six degrees of freedom to compete.  The human race will be represented by a German in shorts. Timo Boll is that man, a table tennis champion who is still considered one of the best in Germany.

With the most important man shed pastime on the line can the robotic arm of Agilus match the speed and reflexes of a German champion? Only time will tell, but be prepared to be impressed.

Reference: KUKA: Ready for Robotics