Man on Mars? NASA Image Captures Human Shadow with Curiosity!

Source of many fascinating sighting reports UFOSightingsDaily has recently received a highly controversial image from an anonymous source, an image causing many people to question NASA’s interpretation of the truth. An image of the Mars rover Curiosity accompanied by a human shadow that looks to be repairing the rover, or perhaps doing maintenance work.

While NASA still refuses to confirm that there is life on Mars the latest highly strange image to come from Curiosity raises that question up a notch to ‘is there already human life on Mars?’ Not only does the shadow resemble an astronaut without a helmet, wearing a face mask and breathing apparatus. Not only is it a very human shaped shadow but the human appears to be doing work.


Two possible explanations are vying for popular acceptance (aside from the usual boring it’s a been Photoshoped); NASA has been faking the Mars rovers and they are actually in an Arizona desert somewhere, probably being driven by some pimply kid with a remote control. The second explanation suggests that the American Military already has bases on Mars and the human shadow is a maintenance worker from one of these bases. Proponents of this theory also suggest the bases on Mars are connected to Earth via a system of Stargates or Wormholes that allows almost instant travel between the two planets. The truth as ever is probably somewhere in the middle.

Via: UFOSightingsDaily
Reference: DailyMail