Man Advice Gold, It’s Not About the Nail…

Tonight for your viewing pleasure Highpants is proud to present ‘It’s Not About the Nail’, possibly the most hilarious man advice of recent times. Not since Jenna Marbles set out to educate us mere males has such poignant and pertinent advice sent us ROFL’ing.

While the traditional roles of men and women fade out of our collective memories, as the lines between male and female blur more every day some things remain essentially true, men don’t listen for example!

Focusing our funny bones on this hilariously true situation ‘It’s Not About the Nail’ points a spotlight at this most awkward of moments, hits the record button and lets the laughs role.

Writer, director and actor Jason Headley has prolifically been producing humorous little skits for YouTube, reminiscent of classic Seinfeld bits Jason combines clever observational humor with his short sharp writing style to produce a classic TV series 2 minutes at a time.

God knows we need all the advice we can get but even more importantly we all need a good hearty laugh. That being the case, sit back, relax and hit the play button. Remember it’s not about the nail.