Mainstream News is a Centrally Scripted Entertainment Service. If You Don’t Believe Watch This!

We all know in the back of our minds that the News we watch on TV has become a highly processed and packaged service like a video version of fast food.  Today it more closely resembles entertainment rather than an unbiased information service? Is it a bad thing that six large multinational companies own all of the News and Media companies around the world?

YouTuber and collector of interesting videos Gabbee has compiled many of examples of this disturbing state of affairs. Evidence that many news stories are indeed fed from a central source to the news rooms around the world and onto our eyes. While this is an interestingly funny video, think awkward laughter, it may be symptomatic of something far more disturbing.

The news as we know it now is not only centrally scripted but it also applies a light filter and a twist to everything that is presented, deciding by default what we see. The BBC is a great example, especially it’s reporting of Russia’s actions in Syria. Twisting the coverage by leaving out facts, and presenting a perception.  Editing out and poorly translating in order to present a point of view is not journalism, it is puppetry. If your compare the translations of Putin’s speeches you will see that our mainstream media is tweaking their coverage, presenting only ideas that agree with their agenda. The day Turkey shot down the Russian jet in Syria is a simple and perfect example. In Putin’s speech immediately after the event the BBC reported that Putin said ‘He had been stabbed in the back’ but if you watched the live feed you would have heard him say ‘Russia was stabbed in the back by Terrorist Sympathizers’. Did the BBC drop the terrorist part on purpose or was it just to make it more digestible or perhaps more entertaining?

Possibly the most disturbing aspect to this story is that it very closely resembles a signalling technique buried in the news service. The fact that CNN and others aired such a message the day before the Paris terror attacks may just be a coincidence, or maybe not. Is the mainstream media around the world being used to send the go signal for terrorists? This is only a suspicion at the moment but it is a rather troubling one.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is a disturbing demonstration of the parrot nature of what we call news. Making a mockery of independent editorials and highlighting the media machine this video may make you chuckle a little but it should also make your skin crawl.

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