Luke’s Change, an Inside Job or a Conspiracy Theory in a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Presented for your viewing pleasure on Highpants tonight is a video that manages to poke fun at conspiracy theories while paying homage to a sci-fi classic. Tongue in cheek from start to finish if Luke’s Change doesn’t put a smile on your dial it’s time to check your pulse.

A highly polished video mashup of Loose Change and Star Wars, Luke’s Change, an Inside Job would have us question the reality that is Star Wars. What really happened on the day the Death Star exploded? How did Luke make the impossible shot? With a simple twist of perception the events of the Star Wars story becomes a little fuzzier. Explore unusual family connections, questionable motivations and shady business deals in this 7 minute exposé.

Luke’s Change, a really very clever idea well executed, like peanut butter and jam it just works.