Lotus to Release the C-01 LightCycle, a Motorbike by the Masters of Design…

Lotus the legendary English automotive design company have finally turned their attentions to designing spectacular two wheeled motorized creations, and it is spectacular.

The C-01 is the designation Lotus has assigned to this petrol powered streamlining design; with its sumptuous curves this motorcycle is going to attract attention.

The first post-production examples of this limited edition are currently undergoing road testing but no official release date or price has been announced as yet. In fact Lotus is refusing to talk price at all, I guess if you have to ask you won’t be getting into this club. With only 100 of the bikes being produced owners will be in an elite club of futurists.



The influence of designer Daniel Simon’s previous work, Tron light cycles, is plain to see but there is much more to the designs good looks. The hints of classic English Norton’s and the almost Spitfire engine air intake tucked behind the front wheel all blending to make this one eye catching design.

Under the carbon fibre skin Lotus have installed a fire breathing V-Twin, the 1,195cc engine will throw out 200 brake horsepower and should get the 181kg masterpiece hustling down the round.

At worst you might say it’s striking but at best it’s simply stunning, here at Highpants we are squarely stunned. Let’s hope a few of them end up on the road and not on show like artwork. Full specs can be found at The Lotus Forums.

Source: The Lotus Forums