Llamas with Hat’s Episode 5 has been Released, Continuation of the Llama Destruction…

Llama fans rejoice, the fifth episode of the hilarious Llamas in Hats series has finally hit the web. Join the Llama pals as they attempt to get through each day the Llama way. Life for a hat wearing Llama is much the same as rest of us, there are just a lot more dead bodies.

Produced by FilmCow the animators of much hilarity this time around we join the homicidal Llama Carl and his pal Paul next to a rip in the time-space continuum, need we say more. FilmCow have been producing top quality hilarious animations for years now, check out their YouTube channel and subscribe if they make you laugh your pants off like they did for us.

Presented for your viewing pleasure are all 5 episodes of the excellent Llamas with Hats series, a strange and quirky animation that will make you laugh while wondering why? Set back, relax and be sure to keep your hands in the ride.

Previous Episodes (If you’re new to Llama’s start at the bottom and work up)

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