littleBits Enter the Cloud, Snap Together Electronics Now Connects Everything…

liitleBits the company that brought us the snap together electronics kits have recently added to the abilities of their incredibly cool kits. Introducing the CloudBit module that’s ready to connect everything to everything via the internet.

The new CloudBit module adds to the Arduino compute module and analogue synch module that have added extremely advanced functionality to the system in recent years. As with the all bits programming is via IFTTT or API library.

Dozens of different modules are available from the website, sold separately and in kits there is a module for every occasion. Each of the various modules or bits provides a specific electronic function. Snap together the various modules to replicate almost any electronic circuit with zero soldering or PCB construction. All of the basic power and logic functions are there along with many sensors and input mechanisms.

highpants-littlebits-Pro-LibraryThe steady growth of the community has also seen growth in the number of projects available online, many are amusing or educational, a surprising number are extremely useful and ready to build. Chicken feed checkers, audio synthesizers, internet connected wireless doorbells and internet connected thermostats are all popular at the moment.

All of the new modules are available now, the Cloud Starter Bundle costs $99 ordered online. littleBits kits start at $89 and stretch all the way up to the $3,299 for the Pro Library that contains 264 modules, a kit designed for electronics prototyping and low volume construction.

Bringing the fun back to home electronics littleBits is also the ultimate solder free gadget construction kit. Combine the littleBits with a 3D printer and real working gadgets are a snap.

Reference: littleBits

Brought to Life by littleBits from Labour on Vimeo.