LightPaper the Illuminating LED Paper…

Lighting anything other than a Christmas tree these days seems to still involve the same bulb shaped lights,  are we trapped by the socket and spheres of the past!? One Idaho based start-up, Rohinni, is trying to change all this with its illuminating paper, LightPaper. The world’s thinnest LED light source LightPaper is as thin as a piece of paper and cooler than a room full of Fonzies. Mold it to any surface and wire it up to flash to the beat LightPaper might just be the next generation of LED lighting.

Rohinni seems to have perfected the art of printing LED lighting solutions. The Rohinni printing process involves mixing ink with tiny LEDs and printing this solution onto a conductive layer, sounds simple but perfecting a process such as this is never an easy feat. This paper thin circuit is then sandwiched between two outer layers, sealing the entire package or sheet of LightPaper. The process can be applied to almost any shape and surface, illuminating the world in entirely new ways.

Highpants-Rohinni-LightPaper2Illumination occurs when a current is passed through the conductive layer of the paper causing the randomly dispersed LED’s to light up. Each sheet of LightPaper can be custom designed with alterations to the conductive layer creating pixels or areas that can be switched on and off separately. Once completed each sheet is flexible, addressable and programmable as well as being thinner and brighter than current LED solutions.

The first LightPaper products should start to appear by mid 2015, initially expect to only see commercial and industrial products such as illuminated logos, signs and entire walls. LightPaper is far more than a clever light for every surface it’s a revolution in the making.

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Via: Business Insider
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