LG Elevator of Scare…

LG, life is good until you climb aboard LG’s special elevator. Upon entering the lift all looks normal, nothing to see here, until you press the button. In that moment the riders mind expects the lift to start its journey, instead the floor of the elevator appears to fall away, leaving them at gravities mercy.

The floor was in fact still in place as it should be, the effect being generated by a series of IPS LCD panels embedded into the floor. An impressive prank that has all of the polish of a Hollywood blockbuster crammed into the confines of your average office elevator.

Included for your viewing pleasure is the LG elevator experiment, buckle up, get a grip and press the play button.

The elevator of screams was designed specially by LG to demonstrate a point, contrary to initial impressions it has not been designed to simply scare the bejesus out of the lifts riders, which it did amazingly well. Instead the elevator was actually designed to demonstrate how realistic LG’s IPS monitors really are. Yes this is another clever marketing campaign with a little bit of the Halloween spirit thrown in.

Doubts have been cast by commentators on YouTube, accusing LG of using a green screen and actors to create the video. LG are adamant that the prank was as real as is possible without actually putting people in danger. Whether real or fake the video will put a smile on your face as the reactions of the rider’s plays out.