LG’s 84LM9600 LED TV. The 84 Inch 4K TV to go on sale…

The battle for our living room is entering a new era, with the battle between LCD and OLED is just beginning and LG has upped the LCD anti.

Pushing the size and resolution of LCD technology with the brand new, but previously shown at CES in January, 84LM9600 84 inch, 213cm, Monster TV. A technological marvel this is the next generation of LCD TV available to a select few.

An initial production run of only 84 unit’s will occur at LG’s production facilities, with the TV’s to be available between July 20 to Aug. 20. Pre-orders are being taken for the lucky first customers.

With a serious case of sticker shock, the 25 million won ($21,925 US) price tag will keep it in the boardrooms of South Korean companies for the moment. This is the type of TV that needs a double sized price tag just to fit the 5 digit price.

Proportions are definitely one the the Monster TV’s strengths, at more than 2 meters across the base of the TV this set demands attention. Resolution is the other strength of the 84LM9600, the native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 UHDTV provides an 8 megapixel, incredibly detailed, image.

LG have surrounded this latest generation panel with it’s latest television technology. The design of the unit includes the slim line 1.2mm bezel that gives the unit a futuristic feel.

The latest version of LG’s Smart TV software has been included by LG, this new version features a more intuitive dashboard and a four-way Magic Remote with voice recognition. The standard suite of Smart TV apps are included and a library of over 1,200 apps is also available for download, there is plenty to keep you busy without even changing channels. Audio is supplied by the 2.2 channel 3D sound system.

Content for the new 4K formats is still limited at best. Next year should see the Blu-Ray and H.265 formats bringing 4K content to the home cinema’s of the world. Currently most content for the next generation 4K TV’s is being provided by up-scaling 1080p hi-def content.

At the very least LG has given us all a sneak peak into the future of technology for our living rooms. With unbelievable dimensions and resolution LG’s new Monster TV redefines mega while adding yet another entry onto the list of must have future technology.

Buddha’s Brother out…