LG Stretch Sideways with the Wider than Wide-Screen EA93, the 21:9 IPS Monitor.

LG has this week released the world’s first ultra widescreen 21:9 aspect ratio IPS LCD monitor. The stretchy new 29-inch display provides an abundance of desktop real-estate thanks to the 2560 x 1080 resolution. Minimizing window overlap, enhancing productivity and generally just making life at the keyboard better.

LG’s adoption of the cinema ratio has also turned the EA93 into a media playback powerhouse. Movies are able to completely fill the screen while the IPS panel technology provides rich colors from every viewing angle, no more black bars top and bottom. The dual integrated speakers kick out 7 watts a piece and provide a good starting point for media playback. An abundance of input options will keep the EA93 busy on playback duties. The latest HDMI inputs even allow mobile phones to act as media sources.

The design is sleek and modern, the silver stand helps the monitor to achieve the floating effect. The thin bezel and overpowering width of the screen provides a strong modern presence. Performing equally as well in professional and entertainment duties the EA93 is the new luxury work-horse of the monitor world. At a little over $600 the EA93 is a whole lot of panel for not so much money especially considering the IPS technology it’s based upon.

LG EA93 ultra widescreen monitor

The ground breaking monitors display qualities haven’t been sacrificed for the extra pixels. Being an IPS panel the viewing angles are 178/178 and the full sRGB color gamut is supported. The refresh rate is 5ms (Grey to Grey) while brightness is 300nits, both impressive numbers for a high resolution display.

Around the back of the monitor a plethora of inputs cover every option. Dual port DVI-D, two HDMI, three USB 3 ports, a single Display Port (that’s the ports name not its description, who’s on first) and audio jacks fill the back plate.

A special quad display mode is also included, dividing the display into four independent displays for security of media monitoring tasks.

Philips in 2010 was the first to introduce LCD cut to 21:9 ratios, the 56 inch Cinema 21:9 TV were able to fill a wall. While expensive at $8,995 AUD they were an electric work of art. Thankfully LG have have taken a different approach and adopted a far lower price point.

While some may suggest the EA93 could replace a dual monitor setup, here at Highpants we suggest going dual monitor with 2 EA93’s. The EA93 is available now in South Korea for $633 USD and should be available 2013 for the rest of the world.

Phillips Cinema 21:9 57 inch TV.