LEGO Minecraft, one good idea becomes everyone’s obsession…

LEGO and Minecraft have many similarities; both involve building your own world one little bit at a time. Many have even described Minecraft as LEGO for the touch screen generation. Thankfully the old LEGO generation has now received an upgrade with the Minecraft revolution reaching the world of colored plastics bricks.

It is often said that of a million bright ideas there will be one that is pure gold, the one in a million. LEGO Minecraft started life as one of those bright ideas, going on to become the one amongst the million. As the final product has shown the idea was genius, creating the only brand partnership that could challenge Angry Birds Star Wars this Christmas.

Included for your viewing pleasure is the un-boxing of LEGO Minecraft, with the full 480 piece set sprawled over a table top the fun begins, thankfully a liberal dose of fast forward has already been applied.

The 21102 Micro World (official title) is delivered with all of the parts required to make your own corner of the Minecraft world. The set when complete consists of 4 terrain modules that form above and below ground along with two micro figures Micro Steve and Creeper. Each of the 4 terrain modules features different landscapes on the surface with caves below. Also included in the set are many many stud tiles that top off the normal bricks giving the scene a really very impressive Minecraft feel.

LEGO Minecraft

Fresh out of the box the entire landscape is disassembled, naturally, with hundreds of tiny green grey blue and red plastics bricks to be put together. The assembly instructions continue LEGO’s attention to detail while many are reporting unusually high numbers of left over pieces, probably more generosity than an inability to count.

The original Minecraft LEGO concept garnered an incredible following on the CUUSOO website. Like the Kickstarter of the LEGO world CUUSOO is a place for the LEGO community to express idea’s and then vote to bring the most popular to fruition.  Minecraft LEGO set records on CUUSOO from day one; it is still the fastest project to reach 10,000 and also the fastest selling CUUSOO project to date.

A labor of love for a small team of LEGO fans and designers that included legendary LEGO designer Steen Sig Anderson, while fans Chris Malloy, Michael Thomas (suparMacho), Kyle Tingey (koalaexpert), and Bjarne Panduro Tveskov were given the rare opportunity to see the LEGO world from the other side of the counter, the design side. Working alongside the LEGO CUUSOO team they shaped and refined one brilliant idea.

Part of the joy of LEGO has always been the assembly process, like assembling a jigsaw there was hours of amusement even before you get to enjoy the finished product. Once tired of the original design go wild and bring your own ideas to life.

Official pricing varies around the world, from $34.99 in the US to $49.99 in Australia, if they aren’t sold out. The Lego set can also be ordered online from the US Lego store for $34.99 USD along with $30 for delivery to countries such as Australia.

From the PC desktop to the top of your desk LEGO Minecraft is bringing Minecraft to life. The only question left is how many Minecraft sets it will take to build your entire Minecraft world?

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LEGO Minecraft after assembly