LED Pixel Art, the LED Wall Art Display That’s Just Too Cool…

Programmable LED displays have advanced in leaps and bounds over recent years. Now a new generation has hit the market, a generation of pixel art displays with computing smarts and sensors galore, displays that can generate never before seen levels of nerd envy. Leading this new generation if the LED Pixel Art display and arranging LED’s in a grid has never looked so good.

Released earlier this year the LED Pixel Art display has taken the humble array of LED’s to an entirely new level. Inspired by pixel arts pixelated graphics, as seen in many retro games, the LED Pixel Art display could well be the must have gadget of this year’s Christmas season.

Highpants-LED-Pixel-Art-v2-DeskLED Pixel Art have included almost every option on a techies wish list for the display, starting with the obvious the display can run in stand-alone mode with art uploaded via Android, PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi or camera phone feed. You can also run the display in interactive mode to display Twitter feeds, interactive animations and scary Halloween animations when people approach.

There are already over 180 examples of pre-designed pixel art graphics and the collection is being added to every day, the future looks bright. Content to upload to the display isn’t limited to graphics either; a growing number of apps are available for the LED Pixel Art display. From the ubiquitous weather app to an ‘Ask the 8 Ball’ app that simulates the famous 8 Ball. The app selection still needs a little fleshing out mind you, there is a distinct lack of Tetris or older classic games that would be spectacular on the display.

Highpants-LED-Pixel-Art-Kit-v2There are even 5 external sensor ports that let you connect extra sensors and increase the displays functionality. Unexpected things can be attached like the alcohol detector sensor that lets you use the display as a breathalyser. Optional proximity sensors can be added to allow a swipe to change the display or let it flash up images when people draw near, the Halloween app uses this to great effect, scaring and amusing.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year LED Pixel Art now have two models and a build it yourself kit available online. The cheaper $300 model houses 1024 (16×16) RGB LED’s within its 8.5 inch frame.  The Super Pixel display contains a massive 4096 (64×64) LED pixels in a much larger 16.5 inch frame and includes the same functionality just on a grand scale, speaking of which it costs nearly a grand, $800.

Mount it on your wall or chuck it on your desk and just let it do what it does best, generate smiles. Techie pixel art may never be the same again.

Reference: LED Pixel Art