Laser Pointers versus Animals, Amusing at All Hours.

It is a little known fact of the animal world that lasers are both fascinating and terrifying to animals. Everything from a laser pointer to high powered laser works just the fine, transfixed on the dot animals will chase endlessly.

‘Dogs Chasing a Laser Pointer’ demonstrates the power of a laser to create canine chaos, and hours of amusement at all hours of the day. Using a powerful handheld laser the dot that is cast on the street attracts dogs from around the neighborhood. Numbers quickly swell as the laser dot leads the pack up and down the street.

Proving that this is not only a canine phenomenon is the strangely hypnotic and highly amusing video that features gold fish chasing the laser dot.

Presented for your viewing pleasure is the video evidence of just how amusing lasers can be. Sit back relax and let the laser based hilarity begin.